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LIPA rolls out rebate for hybrids

LIPA announced a new rebate program Monday, December 20 and its aimed at keeping energy efficiency rolling.

Joined by Islip Town Councilman Steve Flotteron, and managers of the Atlantic Chevrolet Cadillac Dealership in Bay Shore, LIPA CEO Michael Hervey introduced a $500 rebate good through the end of 2011 for any customer who purchases a new, qualified plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV), or plug-in electric vehicle (PEV).

“This is very exciting for us,” said Hervey standing in front of a brand new black 2011 Chevy Volt, one of the first to arrive on Long Island. “These cars are much more efficient to drive than gasoline.”

As of now, the rebate applies to the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf. To qualify, a sales receipt, car registration, and proof of current LIPA service must be provided to the utility company. Afterwards, a rebate check will be mailed to those that qualify, according to Hervey.

The first to benefit from the rebate was Bill Rosenthal. The East Hampton resident, who found out about the rebate on the morning of the announcement, was at the dealership to purchase the new Chevy Volt.

“I’ve been following the Volt for quite some time,” Rosenthal said. “It’s fun to drive and its something that will help the environment.”

For Rosenthal, 49, this is his second Chevy Volt and called the vehicle ideal for his daily commute of less than one mile and his weekly commute of under 40. He said the car’s price tag is just north of $40,000, but qualifies for a $7,500 federal tax credit. Rosenthal said he is planning on using the rebate to purchase a charging station for his new vehicle.

This rebate initiative makes LIPA the first utility in the state to offer an electric vehicle program. Mr. Hervey said the $500 rebate is enough to cover the approximated electrical costs for the yearly charging of a PHEV. He said an increase in electric vehicles on the road would only help LIPA service its customers.

“Providing incentives for these cars, which will likely be charged at off-peak times, will allow for LIPA to purchase power at lower costs, which benefits all of our customers economically and environmentally,” Mr. Hervey said.

The announcement of the rebate comes only weeks after LIPA reinstated its solar pioneer program for homeowners purchasing a photovoltaic system. Under LIPA’s Efficiency Long Island program, a large array of rebates are offered to help customers reduce their energy usage. To find out more, visit LIPA’s rebate page on its web site.


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