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The End of Oil by Paul Roberts

Looking for a book to better understand the world’s current energy situation? Check out, “The End of Oil,” by Paul Roberts.

Running 400 pages, “The End of Oil” is a detailed account of oil’s place in the world, beginning with its discovery, its replacement of coal as the top energy source for modern societies, and its ultimate end. Of course, that end has not yet been reached, and, according to the book, won’t be for some time. As a result, Roberts highlights some transitional energy sources (natural gas), and then an energy reality of the future that could included both renewables and hydrogen technology.

Both educational and easy to understand, “The End of Oil” is a great to place to start for anyone looking to better grasp the world’s past, current, and future energy concerns.

This book can be purchased online at Amazon.com (both new and used), or can be borrowed through the Suffolk County Library Catalog which requires a library card from a local branch.


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