The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) with a 2011 ENERGY STAR  Sustained Excellence Award on Tuesday, April 12, for its continued leadership in protecting the environment through energy efficiency.

The 2011 Sustained Excellence Awards are given to a select group of organizations that have exhibited outstanding leadership year after year. Winners have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by setting and achieving aggressive goals, employing innovative approaches, and showing others what can be achieved through energy efficiency.

This award recognizes NYSERDA’s ongoing leadership across the ENERGY STAR program, including energy-efficient products, services, new homes and buildings in the commercial, industrial and public sectors.

Here’s a look at NYSERDA’s 2010 highlights:

– With the goal to sell nearly 17 million ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs in three years, NYSERDA created the Shining Example campaign and recognized for a 2010 Communication Award of Distinction and 2010 Bronze Telly Award for the campaigns accomplishments in marketing and promotion. The campaign surpassed its 2010 CFL sales goals by more than a million.

– More than 2,400 New York ENERGY STAR Homes were built in 2010, avoiding nearly $2.4 million in energy costs and saving 5,717,063 kWh of electricity and 88,884 MMBTUs of fossil fuels.

– With the help of 117 vendors, the NYSERDA Clean and Tune Program provided preventative maintenance services to the heating systems of 2,315 HEAP households.

– More than 6,000 Home Performance with ENERGY STAR jobs were completed in 2010.

– The low-income component of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program accounted for approximately 20 percent (1,267) of all 2010 projects.

 – EmPower New York provided electricity demand reduction and home energy performance improvements to over 6,334 low-income households in 2010.

– More than 1,300 ENERGY STAR retailers now sell and promote ENERGY STAR-qualified products, with more than 288 new retail partners added in 2010.

 – To build the infrastructure for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR and New York ENERGYSTAR Homes, more than 1,800 individuals trained on one- to four-family homes and multifamily energy efficiency technologies and practices as part of NYSERDA’s energy efficiency workforce-development initiatives.

 – Nearly 70 commercial buildings, representing approximately 48 million gross square footage of space benchmarked using ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager through the Focus on Commercial Real Estate Program.

 – The Focus on K-12 Schools Program  used the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to benchmark more than 994 K-12 schools in over 224 districts, with the average school reducing energy consumption by 21.5 percent and lowering carbon dioxide emissions by 47 percent since 2003.


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