Huntington Improves Efficiency at Wastewater Plant

According to the Town of Huntington’s web site, the municipality’s wastewater treatment plant last month became the first location in the country to install a Delta Hybrid Rotary Lobe Compressor in one its blowers, a pilot project technology that is expected to save $80,000 annually.

The instillation of the Delta Hybrid Rotary Lobe Compressor is in accord with keeping the plant at the forefront of technology that promotes both efficient operation and environmental preservation, according to the town’s web site. Two years ago the plant underwent an $18 million upgrade. That upgrade reduced the plant’s nitrogen discharge by 90 percent, allowing the town to meet state-mandated 2014 water quality standards well ahead of schedule and thus earning a Platinum Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies.
The town estimated on its web site that the Hybrid Rotary Lobe Compressor has provided a 30 percent drop in energy usage for the blower. If applied to all three blowers at the pant for an entire year, that would translates to a savings of 180,000 kWh of electricity.


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